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The Dish - January 2022

The DSxHE elves have been hard at work since our last newsletter and have rustled up an array of mouthwatering morsels to start the year right.

In December, we held the inaugural DSxHE Download, our monthly virtual meet-up, with a fantastic discussion of 'weird data' and algorithmic fairness in public health. Don't miss the next Download on Tuesday 11th at 6pm GMT.

New year, new newsletter segments

We're kicking off Member Spotlights, a chance for you to get to know the other fantastic folks in the DSxHE community. This month, meet the delightful Darcy Murphy and the splendid Seth Thomas.

We're also launching our Data Viz of the Month, the crème-de-la-crème of figures/graphs/animations that bring some much-needed colour to an important topic. We start with a powerful hand-drawn chart from 1900 from the pioneering American-Ghanaian sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois.

Wait, there's more?

We're super happy to announce that DSxHE will be running a session at the Royal Statistical Society Conference in September - more on this very soon. Keep scrolling to find out about other upcoming events, job opportunities, resources and funding calls from across the community. If the winter break has got you chomping at the bit to run your own themesor events, let us know!

Can't wait for The Dish for your next DSxHE dose? Check out our Slack workspace to get involved and give us a follow on Twitter for the latest community updates.

Buen provecho,

The DSxHE Team


And on today's menu....

News from DSxHE

Member Spotlights

Darcy Murphy (they/them) MSc Student in Digital Biology

University of Manchester

Seth Thomas (he/him)

Senior Analyst

Office for National Statistics


Upcoming DSxHE Events

Following a superb launch, The Download continues. Join us on Tuesday 11th January at 6:00pm (GMT) for another stimulating discussion as well as a chance to meet other members of the DSxHE community. The event is open to anyone, anywhere, no matter your level of experience or background. This month we have the following hosts covering:

  • Seth Thomas from Office for National Statistics (HALE/Census and Disability Analysis) will be covering the podcast series Data Skeptic (and more specifically an episode on Pandemic ML pitfalls!)

  • Darcy Murphy, a Digital Biology MSc student at the University of Manchester, will be covering "Transgender data collection in the electronic health record: Current concepts and issues"


Data Viz of the Month

This striking graph based on data collected by W.E.B. Du Bois was prepared by Atlanta University students for the Negro Exhibit of the American Section at the Paris Expo in 1900. It was part of a series of powerful charts that showed the economic and social progress of African Americans since emancipation.


Call for events

Do you have an idea for an event that might be relevant to the DSxHE community? We have a fantastic (and growing) team of volunteers itching to help you plan, organise and promote it.

Call for themes

Want to shine a light on a specific area of interest in data science and health equity, and want to tap into the DSxHE community? Setting up a DSxHE Theme might be just the thing for you.


News from the Community

The DSxHE library

The DSxHE library continues to grow! Every month we round up all the articles, podcasts, papers, blogs, videos, funding calls, events and training opportunities that have been shared across the DSxHE Slack workspace.


Upcoming events

Here's a few external events coming up in the next month that might float your boat. If there's an event you'd like to highlight on a future edition of this newsletter, then post in on #events on our Slack workspace or get in touch.


Funding calls

We've rounded up some highlights below - come and join our Slack channel to keep updated with the latest funding opportunities.


Job opportunities

Looking for your next career move or project? We'll bring you a rundown of new roles and opportunities to further health equity through data science:


That's all folks!


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