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Propose an event

Are you interested in organizing a program or event that promotes the use of data science for a more equitable health system? DSxHE is looking to support community members in organising events that involve data science, digital health, statistics, and health equity to be held throughout 2022.

We're especially interested in events to help build new connections and collaborations with the potential to advance health equity. Formal, or less formal(!), events are welcomed, with no restrictions on approach, though we ask that events aim to:

  1. Promote the exchange of (actionable) ideas or knowledge in the field of health equity.

  2. Be inclusive, compelling, relevant, and fun!

Events that promote ideas from ethnic minorities or underserved/ disadvantaged groups are especially welcomed.

These events would be supported by and organised in collaboration with DSxHE. We can provide technical and administrative support as well as help publicising the event. 
If you've got any questions or would like more information about organising an event through DSxHE, then get in touch!

Thank you for submitting an event proposal!

We'll be in touch very shortly.

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