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About Us

Our Vision
To build a world where data improves everyone's health

Our Mission

To bring together people working at the intersection of data science and health inequalities to ensure that the latest research, innovations and practice improve health equity.

Why DSxHE?

Digital technology is now being used in all facets of healthcare, from research, to the doctor’s office, to the operating room and beyond. But how do we ensure that the entire healthcare system benefits from these advanced technologies, specifically so that all people, especially those in underserved populations, have the access and quality of care they deserve?

Data Science for Health Equity ("DSxHE") is a global community that brings together experts and enthusiasts working at the intersection of data science and health inequalities to ensure that the latest research and innovations improve health equity.

What DSxHE does


  • Create community: We want to facilitate better connections between the health equity and data science worlds, through events, sharing opportunities and providing a space to learn and network.

  • Raise awareness: We want to raise awareness about how data science, as a tool, can be used to better health equity, as well as elevating how data science might cause harm, and how to mitigate against it.

  • Improve individual practices: We want to support channels for real-world impact for individuals, through translation of research, support in methodological developments for real-world applications, and implementation of effective tools in practice.

  • Influence institutional action: We want to seize opportunities for top-down influence, through advocacy, policy change and influence of standards and definition of best practice for institutions, organisations and policymakers.

Who is in the community?

DSxHE is cross-sector and cross-discipline, open to anyone with an interest in data science, health equity, ethics and everything in-between. The community comprises:

  • Academics (working in fairness/ethics, statistics/machine learning and public health/health inequalities)

  • Public sector workers and policy-makers, generating evidence to inform action and evaluate the impact on health inequalities and seeking to adopt data-driven solutions

  • Private sector, particularly those developing products for clinical or public health environments

  • Funders looking to support projects and programs that enhance health equity through data science

  • Public media aiming to understand more of the challenges and inform the public debate around health inequalities

  • Third sector, particularly citizen voice bodies and justice advocacy groups

How does DSxHE work?

DSxHE operates on a volunteer-led model, topped-up by part-time assistance from a funded Community Manager. DSxHE offers regular, broad-base engagement opportunities, including a monthly online event known as "The Download", featuring short talks and small-group discussions; an active Slack workspace for real-time communication; our social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to promote updates and opportunities; as well as our monthly newsletter. DSxHE also directs its efforts towards its "Themes”, i.e. specific focus areas spearheaded by a dedicated team of volunteer experts who lead impactful, community-driven projects and activities.

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