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The Dish - November 2021

Welcome to The Dish, the official Data Science for Health Equity newsletter!

It's been just two months since we soft-launched back in September, and already the buds of our vibrant new community are ready to blossom: our Slack workspace is wonderfully active, we've held our first DSxHE organisers' and supports' meeting, and even reached the heady 300 follower mark on Twitter. And there's lots more excitement to come...

What even is The Dish?

Every month, we'll serve up a rundown of what the DSxHE community is up to, upcoming events, job opportunities, awesome resources and funding calls from across the community. You'll also find out about the latest DSxHE community activities and all the different ways that you can get involved.

This month we're introducing our wonderful new team of organisers', we've got our first event lined up and we want to hear from you about what themes or events to run!

Bon appetit!

The DSxHE Team

PS Are you stressing about how to pronounce "DSxHE"? It's "dishy"


And on today's menu....

News from DSxHE

Upcoming DSxHE Events

We're kicking off our community activities with The Download, our regular monthly virtual community space to discuss podcasts, articles, papers and more, as well as meet other members of the DSxHE community!

The event is open to anyone, anywhere, no matter your level of experience or background. Join us on Tuesday 7th December at 8:15 am (GMT).


Meet the Team

We are SO thrilled to announce the first few volunteer members of the DSxHE organising team! Following our organisers' information meeting hosted by Brieuc and Maxine, so many lovely folks came forwards (from across UK, Qatar and Nigeria!) and we've had a busy few months of planning exciting things for you. Interested in joining in? Get in touch!

Also, we're recruiting for a community manager at Genomics England, whose role will also include looking after DSxHE! Apply by 6th December.


Our Themes

We're super excited to announce DSxHE Themes. These are particular focus areas at the intersection of data science and health equity, led by community members, i.e. you! We have four initial themes (Genomic Data Diversity, Infectious Diseases, Social Determinants of Health, and Statistical Methods), but we *clap* want *clap* more.


Call for events

Do you have an idea for an event that might be relevant to the DSxHE community? We have a fantastic (and growing) team of volunteers itching to help you plan, organise and promote it.

Call for themes

Want to shine a light on a specific area of interest in data science and health equity, and want to tap into the DSxHE community? Setting up a DSxHE Theme might be just the thing for you.


News from the Community

The DSxHE library

Every month we'll round up all the articles, podcasts, papers, blogs, videos, funding calls *gasps for breath*, events and training opportunities that have been shared across the DSxHE Slack workspace and put it in a single list for you. You're welcome.


Upcoming events

Here's a few external events coming up in the next month that might float your boat. If there's an event you'd like to highlight on a future edition of this newsletter, then post in on #events on our Slack workspace or get in touch.


Funding calls

We've rounded up some highlights below - come and join our Slack channel to keep updated with the latest funding opportunities.

  • The Alan Turing Institute invites applicants to apply for the inaugural Post-Doctoral Enrichment Award (PDEA) scheme, offering flexible funding to enable researchers to build, develop and grow activities surrounding their current research, with a focus on data science, AI and related topics.

  • Queer in AI Graduate School Application Programme aims to alleviate the financial burden of queer students and connect them with senior queer scientists for application feedback.

    • Financial aid up to $1250 is available to cover application or test fees for queer people applying to STEM graduate and medical degree programs globally. Apply here (you need to register) or donate here.

    • An application review mentorship programme connects mentors at all levels of seniority with grad school applicants with similar research interests. Apply to get feedback here (you need to register) or become a mentor here.


Job opportunities

Looking for your next career move or project? We'll bring you a rundown of new roles and opportunities to further health equity through data science:


That's all folks!


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