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Social Justice

Sparking discussion and driving change to leverage technology as a tool for empowerment & equity

Too often we hear of reports that technologies have been designed and implemented in ways that have further entrenched inequalities. As data science capabilities accelerates, we think that a focus on social justice becomes ever more crucial.

Health inequity is often rooted in determinants such as income, education, race, and access to resources. Data science technologies provide a powerful opportunity to analyse and understand these social determinants, identify disparities, and develop targeted interventions. However, without a focus on social justice, there is a risk of perpetuating or exacerbating existing inequalities. By prioritising social justice, we can ensure that our work addresses the structural and systemic factors contributing to inequity, promoting fairness in data collection and analysis, and actively involving communities in the decision-making process.

This approach contributes to more ethical, inclusive, and equitable solutions that aim to uplift marginalized populations and reduce health disparities, ultimately fostering a more just and equitable healthcare system.

Our first objective is to raise awareness, spark dialogue, and advocate for the responsible use of AI and data science tools in healthcare by hosting discussions and sharing best practice.

Our second objective is to leverage technology as a tool for empowerment and equity within marginalised communities and understand how technologies are being used in ways that resolve or further exacerbate inequity in global health. We will build a consensus of how technology is used across different geographies and communities and sharing best practice.

Whether you’re an academic, a clinician, a patient, a data scientist or a policy maker, you’ll find like-minded peers to discuss how the lens of social justice can help amplify the impact of your work on marginalised communities and health equity.

Curious? Join our theme now to learn more and find like-minded collaborators and peers. To find out about the different events and activities that we’re planning, join our community — our slack channel is now online and accessible to everyone on our slack workspace.

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