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The Dish - July 2022

Summer is well and truly upon us but far from sunbathing at the beach, the DSxHE elves have dished up a bumper newsletter. Last month, we put out a call for volunteers to join our organising team and we were buzzing to see such a great response from the community. We're still looking for a couple more folks to help us on Community Engagement and Funding & Sustainability. Interested? Get in touch!

A new theme for your delectation

We're _super_ excited to announce the latest DSxHE Theme. Led by Xiao Liu and Joe Alderman, the Standards for Health Data Equity theme will tackle biases in health data science by developing and sharing standards, guidelines and best practice principles. Fancy setting up your own theme? Let us know!

An old favourite returns to the menu

After a short(ish) hiatus, our Member Spotlights are back! In this edition, meet Download hosts past and present, the brilliant Bing Wang and the wonderful Will Ball.

This month's DSxHE Download on Tuesday 12th July at 6pm BST will be hosted by the aforementioned Will Ball alongside Jay Treon + Rose Bourges, who'll be discussing inequalities in children's mental health and visualising COVID-19 inequalities in the UK.

Ready to plate up: Genomic Data Diversity

The Genomic Data Diversity (GDD) theme is launching the Genomic Equity Series of monthly online seminars, starting with a talk on 'Getting ancestry right for science and society' on Thursday 14th July at 5.30pm BST. Want to get involved with the GDD theme? Come along to an information session on Wednesday 3rd August at 4pm to learn more.

Last but not least

In light of the recent US Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, our Data Viz of the Month for July reflects on the reasons for delaying abortion at different points in pregnancy. This month's Digest highlights a commentary on inequality of opportunity, and a special issue on fairness in medical algorithms.

Finally, keep scrolling all the way to the bottom for your usual wodge of community-sourced upcoming events, job opportunities, awesome resources and funding calls.

Ith gu leòir,

The DSxHE Team


And on today's menu....

News from DSxHE

Upcoming DSxHE Events

Join us for The Download, our regular monthly virtual community space to discuss podcasts, articles, papers and more, amongst like-minded members of the DSxHE community! This month we'll be hearing from Will Ball who will be leading discussions on inequalities in children's mental health care during the pandemic (here's a handy twitter thread of his work) and Jay Treon & Rose Bourges, who will be presenting visualisations of COVID inequalities in the UK.

The event is open to anyone, anywhere, no matter your level of experience or background. Join us on Tuesday 12th July at 6pm (BST).


Join us for the first instalment of the Genomic Equity Series on Thursday 14th July at 5.30pm (BST). The Series aims to share the latest experiences, projects and research of those working to improve equity in genomic medicine. Dr. Anna Lewis will be presenting her work on the challenges and pitfalls in how we conceptualise, describe and use ancestry in genomics, as outlined in her paper published in Science earlier this year, Getting genetic ancestry right for science and society, where she advocates for a "multidimensional, continuous view of ancestry and a move away from continental ancestry categories".


The Genomic Data Diversity Initiative is holding two information sessions / kick-off meetings next month on Wednesday 3rd August at 4pm (BST) and Wednesday 17th August at 10am (BST). These sessions will be an opportunity for current and potential partners and members of the genomic/data/equity community to meet, get a bit more information and detail on the initiative's set up so far, and help brainstorm on few key decisions the initiative is looking to make in the coming few weeks.


Member Spotlights

Bing Wang

EPR Senior Configuration Analyst

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Will Ball Research Fellow

University of Aberdeen


Data Viz of the Month

This month we're presenting this simple visualisation of data from the American Journal of Public Health, presented by Five Thirty Eight, showing the causes for delay in seeking abortion at different points of pregnancy. The recent Supreme Court vote to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision in the US risks endangering the health and lives of many American women and pregnant people, but particularly for those experiencing low-income and poverty. Travel and procedure costs were already a huge obstacle to seeking an abortion, and many now predict worsening inequality as a result of the decision.


The Digest

Not all inequalities are alike F.H.G. Herreira Inequalities of opportunity refer to those gaps that exist due to factors over which individuals have no control, such as gender, race, and upbringing. There is growing evidence that these inequalities lead to other adverse social effects, such as reduced economic growth. This commentary explores the challenges in measuring inequalities of opportunity, and identifies a possible way forward through improved data collection and new statistical techniques.


Operationalising fairness in medical algorithms S. Parbhoo et al. Medical algorithms need to be fair, as well as accurate. The machine learning community has developed several mathematical notions of 'fairness' but putting these into practice is not always straightforward. This editorial introduces a special issue in BMJ Health & Care Informatics covering a number of topics including identifying bias in healthcare algorithms, and methods to evaluate algorithmic fairness in clinical settings.


Want to see all the articles, podcasts, papers, blogs, videos, funding calls, events and training opportunities that have been shared across the DSxHE Slack workspace?


Call for events

Do you have an idea for an event that might be relevant to the DSxHE community? We have a fantastic (and growing) team of volunteers itching to help you plan, organise and promote it.

Call for themes

Want to shine a light on a specific area of interest in data science and health equity, and want to tap into the DSxHE community? Setting up a DSxHE Theme might be just the thing for you.

Call for partners

We looking for partners to help build the community and support our activities. Four different types of partnerships are available - core, theme, event, and media.


News from the Community

Upcoming events

Here's a few external events coming up in the next month that might float your boat. If there's an event you'd like to highlight on a future edition of this newsletter, then post in on #events on our Slack workspace or get in touch.


Funding calls

We've rounded up some highlights below - come and join our Slack channel to keep updated with the latest funding opportunities.


Job opportunities

Looking for your next career move or project? We'll bring you a rundown of new roles and opportunities to further health equity through data science. If you're looking to find the next bright star in your team, share your advert with the community on Slack:


That's all folks!


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