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🔦Spotlight on Bing Wang🔦

Bing Wang Electronic Patient Records Senior Configuration Analyst, Great Ormond Street Hospital Secretary of Racial Ethnicity and Culture Heritage Staff Network, GOSH

Contact: Email:

Twitter: @BingWang98

What does your job actually entail? I used to manage and configure Cancer related module for the electronic patient records/electronic prescribing software and recently I am working on integration/interface between the main electronic patient records and third-party systems and devices! Hopefully maybe something else more interesting, creative, and innovative popping up in the next few years!

When not at work you can be found...

Apart from Zooming into OneHealth Tech events, mostly somewhere in a city/town you would never think of as a touristy place in the UK. Yes, I love staycations (even before the pandemic)!

Why did you join the DSxHE community?

Try to make a difference from my own experience and share diverse views and knowledges, and of course try to learn and find something creative and inspirational!


What’s a recent article/book/video/blog/event you’ve come across on data science and/or health equity that you found interesting and why?

The areas with the fewest GPs revealed there are quite a few historical articles about NHS postcode lottery (The NHS postcode lottery – alive and well still? - Medical Technology Group ( and in fact I personally feel COVID pandemic is just a refection to make the existing health equality more visualised through COVID pandemic with the statistical data.

What’s a skill/expertise you have in data science/health equity - How did you learn/develop it and how might others do so to?

Before I was working in the NHS, I thought NHS is one system and everything is interconnected and the whole system is the same way of working in the UK (hands up if you are thinking the same as I was)! So far I have been working at 4 different NHS trusts in South East of England, and learnt each 4 nations of the UK has their own healthcare systems. Within NHS in England, itself is an eco-system and different NHS trusts the way of working are very different. I would never learn these knowledges if I stayed at the same NHS organisation or not moved in different parts of the South East/London.


What is your go-to lazy dinner?

Pizza is my go-to lazy dinner, put in the oven and ready in a few mins. Much more easy than

cooking proper Chinese dinner from raw ingredients.

What are you most looking forward to?

I hope the COVID pandemic will end soon, so I can travel back to China to be a tourist in those places I have never been to. I found there are lots of more people from the UK have been a lot of more places than I have ever been in China! Can you believe I have never been to the Great Wall myself? Well, it may not be a surprise, as I know a few people born and bred in the UK and have never been to Buckingham Palace.

Do you prefer social time or alone time?

Depending on how I feel and what I need to do, creative and collaborations need more social time and focus and reading need more alone time.

What do you think people misunderstand about you?

I am not a typical Chinese person, in fact, what is a typical Chinese person?? I do not like stereotyping or being stereotyped! Each person is a unique individual and should be treated as an unique an individual person rather than a number or something else!


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