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Clinical Trials

Establishing partnerships & building consensus to ensure that medicines are both safe & effective for all of us

Adverse drug reactions, a leading cause of hospitalisation, disproportionately affect specific demographics, particularly women and minority ethnic groups. Unfortunately, clinical trials often fall short in adequately testing drugs on these populations and thus prevent such harm.

Imagine a scenario where a drug is urgently needed, yet its efficacy is compromised solely because the person is a woman or from an ethnic background that was barely included in the clinical trials, and the data was not assessed. This is a health inequity that needs to be addressed.

Within the clinical trials theme, we aim to initiate a discourse on this often neglected topic.

Our first objective is to conduct research into this domain, using our own capacities and including stakeholders to foster strategic partnerships for effective knowledge dissemination. We strive to bring together stakeholders with diverse values and objectives, recognising substantial variations in perspectives among representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, policymakers, and more. We aim to bridge these viewpoints, unravel nuances, and facilitate substantive discussions.

Our second aim is to establish collaborative partnerships that enhance knowledge dissemination. This encompasses the identification of fitting collaborators and the continual nurturing of connections. Your role in this endeavor is pivotal – leveraging your expertise or adept relationship-building skills to identify potential partners and sustain ongoing communication. This significantly influences the enduring flow of knowledge within and outside our network, fostering a broader impact.

Our third aim is to ensure the accessibility of our accumulated knowledge. This involves the creation of content tailored for a wider online audience, the development of informative factsheets for policymakers, and the crafting of educational materials for academia. If any of these facets align with your interests, feel free to reach out and get involved!

Curious? Your perspective and support matter. 

Join our community — a hub for insightful discussions and impactful initiatives. Our slack channel is now online and accessible to everyone via our workspace.

Let's collectively champion health equity and contribute to a world where medicines are both effective and safe for everyone. Your participation truly makes a difference.

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