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Spotlight on 🔦Constance Viehbeck 🔦

Constance Viehbeck Clinical Trials Theme Lead


What does your job actually entail?

I recently began a new role at a Private Equity advisory firm, where my primary focus involves advising funds on healthcare sector investments. I joined with the aim of delving deeper into the influential factors within the private sector that shape fundamental investment decisions in healthcare.

When not at work you can be found...

Philosophising about ways to make the pharmaceutical sector more equitable, or, simply in front of an Impressionist painting (London’s museums are the best).

Why did you join the DSxHE community?

That’s simple: I found a group of kindred spirits. Plus, we all have different educational and work-related backgrounds, which makes collaborating even more fun and fruitful.

What’s your interest in data science and/or health equity?

I’m fascinated by the question of whether drugs are universally safe and effective. Sadly, the answer often is no. Your sex or ethnic background can significantly influence how well a medication suits you. My mission is to discover innovative ways to ensure that medicines work effectively for everyone.

What’s a skill/expertise you have in data science/health equity - how did you learn/develop it and how might others do so to?

During my MSc dissertation at the London School of Economics, I learned to handle vast amounts of clinical data and regulatory documents, evaluating and synthesising them. Applying an equity framework to assess the differential effects of the investigated drug on different sexes was both challenging and rewarding.


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