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Themes Launch - full recording 🎥

It’s DSxHE’s first birthday, and instead of celebrating with a cake and a party, we decided to kick it up all a notch and introduce our illustrious themes.

Led by passionate members of our community, themes are an integral part of DSxHE. Each theme interrogates different cross-sections of health equity and data science, and are open to interpretation and implementation.

During our inaugural event, each theme lead outlined their ambitions and asked the community to brainstorm how they can contribute to their initiatives. Just in case you missed the event (or need a break from your current Netflix binge) you can always watch it back. As a recap:

  • Genomics with Dr Maxine Mackintosh – Hosting link23, an initiative which aims to curate, build, implement and spread tools that make genomics equitable

  • Infectious diseases with Dr Palwasha Khan – Highlighting and exploring how the risk of exposure to infectious pathogens and the outcome of subsequent disease is inextricably linked to the social environment and therefore driven by health inequities

  • Social determinants of health with Dr Alisha Davies – Applying AI and Data Science to improve our understanding and direct action on the social determinants of health, to progress towards closing the “equity gap”

  • Standards for health data equity with Drs Xiaoxuan Liu and Joe Alderman – Tackling biases in health data science through developing and sharing standards, guidelines and best practice principles

  • Statistical methods with Dr Brieuc Lehmann – Improving our understanding of health inequalities and reduce disparities through the development of better statistical methods

These initiatives enable the talent of the DSxHE community to shine, and we’re looking forward to see the contributions they’ll make in the next year and beyond! This is only the beginning – anyone can sign up to join a theme, or set up their own. Just get in touch with a theme coordinator on slack or reach out and propose your own.


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