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The Dish - May 2024

Dig into this month's dish! A crunchy salad of zesty events, juicy articles, and fresh opportunities. Whatever your taste, be it statistics or justice, virtual events from North Caroline or get-togethers in Belfast, we're serving up something for you.


To whet your appetite, here are three things to look forward to in May:


Read on for more, and don't forget to add your own events, publications, thoughts & plugs to our Slack workspace.


News from DSxHE

Have you engaged with any of our themes yet? You can find out more about their visions, what they're planning & most importantly how you can become involved through the links below. Each theme will be launching over the coming weeks so stay tuned for updates on events & activities over on Slack.

Social Justice - Keep an eye on our plans for the next month through our theme channel in our Slack Workspace. Communicate For Health Justice (CFHJ) is interested to know how is your industry communicating for (global) health justice? Share your perspective by taking part in the CFHJ survey.

Statistical Methods - Come along to our monthly meet-ups! Almost 100 tickets were snapped up for last month's event. Everyone is welcome: expect fascinating talks, in-depth discussions, & all-round interesting chat on everything to do with statistical methods & health equity. Register for this month's event here.

Clinical Trials - this theme is planning events and activities to establish partnerships & build consensus to ensure that medicines are both safe & effective for all of us. If that sounds interesting to you, find us at #theme-clinical-trials on Slack!

Participatory Research - We'd love to invite you to our Slack channel to learn more about how you can apply participatory research in your work and find like-minded collaborators and peers. Keep your eyes peeled for our next webinar soon.

Mental Health - we're aiming to equip the community to harness the potential of data science to improve our understanding of mental health & promote mental health equity. We're planning a summer of webinars and other activities - find us on our Slack channel to get involved.


Join us for The Download, our regular monthly virtual community space!


Roll up, roll up! This month we'll be discussing the Ethnicity, Equity & AI Study led by the PHI Lab


We look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday 14th May at 6pm (BST).  

Looking for a beach read or a commute-friendly podcast?

Join us for a social Download in June & have a natter with us.

 Tuesday 11th June at 6pm (BST).  



Want to see all the articles, podcasts, papers, blogs, videos, funding calls, events and training opportunities that have been shared across the DSxHE Slack workspace?




In this paper, the authors defend the permissible use of affirmative algorithms; that is, algorithms trained on diverse datasets that perform better for traditionally disadvantaged groups. Whilst such algorithmic decisions may be unfair, the fairness of algorithmic decisions is not the appropriate locus of moral evaluation. What matters is the fairness of final decisions, such as diagnoses, resulting from collaboration between clinicians and algorithms. The full paper can be found here.


Health Affairs


The A.C.C.E.S.S. AI Model, a framework for multidisciplinary stakeholders to collectively engage communities, identify barriers to AI implementation, and uncover opportunities to use AI to advance health equity. This model offers a novel and practical approach for multidisciplinary stakeholders to capture and factor community perspectives into health care AI development and implementation. Read more about this article here.


News from the Community

Upcoming events

Here's a few external events coming up in the next month that might float your boat. If there's an event you'd like to highlight on a future edition of this newsletter, then post in on #events on our Slack workspace or get in touch.


Job opportunities

Looking for your next career move or project? We'll bring you a rundown of new roles and opportunities to further health equity through data science. If you're looking to find the next bright star in your team, share your advert with the community on Slack

  • Research Associates (x 2) - Computational statistics and deep learning with applications in biomedicine: Alan Turing Institute (Turing-Roche Partnership). Based in London, UK. Deadline to apply by Sunday 12 May 2024 at 23:59 BST.  Full-time. annual salary is £42,893 to £48,510 plus excellent benefits.

  • Postdoctoral Health Data Scientist: Planetary Health Informatics Group at the University of Oxford. Salary: £36,024 - £38,205 p.a. Full-time post, fixed-term contract for 21 months. Deadline to apply by Wednesday, 15 May 2024

  • Research Manager: The Health Foundation. £63,248 per annum plus excellent benefits. Permanent contract Full-time role and hybrid working with a minimum of 2 days in our London office. Deadline to apply by Sunday 19th May 2024, 23:59 BST.


That's all folks!


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