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The Dish - April 2024

As the season transitions from the freshness of spring blooms to the warmth of early summer rays - we are delighted to bring you upcoming events, articles, and opportunities.

Learn more about what our new & refreshed themes have been up to below & join their channels on our Slack Workspace to hear about their plans and how you can get involved.

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to speak at one of our Download sessions this year. At each Download we hear from a Dishie (that's one of our community members) about a topic they're working on or a paper they've read and we have an animated zigzag of a discussion together. They're always virtual & you can bring a cup of tea or a glass of wine - get in touch with us if that sounds like something you'd like to lead.


News from DSxHE

Our Theme Leads have spent the last couple of months putting together their dreams for their themes. You can find out more about their visions, what they're planning & most importantly how you can become involved through the links below. Each theme will be launching over the coming weeks so stay tuned for updates on events & activities over on Slack.

Social Justice - last month we published two blogs and a podcast focusing on social justice and AI. Keep an eye on our plans for the next month through our theme channel in our Slack Workspace.

Statistical Methods - Come along to our monthly meet-ups! Almost 100 tickets were snapped up for last month's event. Everyone is welcome: expect fascinating talks, in-depth discussions, & all-round interesting chat on everything to do with statistical methods & health equity. Register for this month's event here.

Clinical Trials - this theme is planning events and activities to establish partnerships & build consensus to ensure that medicines are both safe & effective for all of us. If that sounds interesting to you, find us at #theme-clinical-trials on Slack!

Participatory Research - last month we held an event about participatory principles (also known as PPI/PPIE) in digital health & AI research - find the recording here & keep your eyes peeled for our next webinar soon.

Mental Health - we're aiming to equip the community to harness the potential of data science to improve our understanding of mental health & promote mental health equity. We're planning a summer of webinars and other activities - find us at our Slack channel to get involved.


Join us for The Download, our regular monthly virtual community space!

Come & let's discuss the Whitehead Review of Equity in Medical Devices published by the UK Government, taking a canter through the recommendations & chatting about their implications.

We look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday 9th April at 6pm (BST).



Want to see all the articles, podcasts, papers, blogs, videos, funding calls, events and training opportunities that have been shared across the DSxHE Slack workspace?



This article explores the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into healthcare diagnostics in a way that promotes equity and inclusivity. The authors highlight the potential of AI technologies to revolutionize healthcare by improving diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility. The full paper can be found here.

Google Research

The HEAL framework enables a quantitative assessment of the likelihood that health AI technologies prioritize performance with respect to health disparities. The case study also highlights the complexity of health equity considerations of ML-based tools. Read more about this blog here.


News from the Community

Upcoming events

Here's a few external events coming up in the next month that might float your boat. If there's an event you'd like to highlight on a future edition of this newsletter, then post in on #events on our Slack workspace or get in touch.


Job opportunities

Looking for your next career move or project? We'll bring you a rundown of new roles and opportunities to further health equity through data science. If you're looking to find the next bright star in your team, share your advert with the community on Slack

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Codort. Deadline to apply by 12 April, 2024. Based in London, UK. Full-time & Hybrid with at least two days in the office per week.

  • Lead Developer, Codort. Deadline to apply by 12 April, 2024. London, UK. Full-time & Hybrid with at least two days in the office per week.

  • Population Data Science Summer Internships for 2024, Swansea University. 12-week paid internship placement. Deadline to apply by 14th April. Salary: £22,214 to £22,214 per annum

  • Data Lead, Impact on Urban Health. Permanent role. London, Hybrid. Deadline to apply by 8th April. Salary: £65,000 - £70,000 / year.


That's all folks!


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