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🎥 Statistical Methods for Health Equity Webinar: Dr Karandeep Singh (UMich) 🎥

Recently, we held another of our webinar and were delighted to welcome Dr Karandeep Singh from the University of Michigan to explore healthcare AI implementation failures, addressing model and intervention issues. AI model implementations can fail for many reasons, including issues related to models (reproducibility, transportability, net benefit, modifiable vs. non-modifiable risk) and issues related to interventions (lack of efficacy, wrong end-users, increasing workload, readiness for change, and resource constraints). In this webinar talk, real examples were discussed to illustrate challenges, emphasising the need for anticipatory design to enhance patient care. Thank you to all who managed to attend the webinar series and made it an interactive platform with lots of questions and ideas discussed. You can catch the full video recording below 👇

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