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🔦Spotlight on Lizzie Remfry🔦

Lizzie Remfry (she/her) PhD Student

Queen Mary University London


Twitter: @LizzieRemfry

Why did you join the DSxHE community?

DSxHE are doing some really cool work in the area of health equity, and I heard about them through the Alan Turing. As a PhD student working on health data with a focus on inequalities, DSxHE is a great way to meet new people, stay up to date on research, events and also hear about fun job offers.

When not at work you can be found...

At a lido in London!

What would like help with from members of the DSxHE community?

I’m keen to learn more about ethical machine learning in the healthcare space and also how we could collaborate with patients and clinicians so their voices and opinions are reflected in machine learning algorithms.


What’s a topic in data science/health equity that you know/care a lot about - why is it important/interesting, tell us about it!

Bias and fairness within machine learning algorithms. It’s fascinating and terrifying. An algorithm that withholds your housing benefits because of your ethnicity, or a healthcare tool that results in different diagnosis due to your sex. We’ve seen some real-life examples of this, and a lot needs to be done.

What’s your interest in data science and/or health equity?

I work with a lot of health data in my PhD, typically electronic health records, and health equity is at the heart of my research. I typically focus on the community in Tower Hamlets, where my university is based, and there is a disproportionately high level of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, compared to neighbouring London boroughs. I’m interested in how we can change this.


What was your last impulse buy?

A huge 1kg block of cheese, it’s Dutch Gouda and it was an amazing deal.

What is your go-to lazy dinner?

Beans on toast.

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

Something combining health and sci-fi, inspired by Octavia Butler.


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