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Spotlight on 🔦Eunice Anteh🔦

Eunice Anteh Community Manager


What does your job actually entail?

As a community manager, I'm the glue that holds our community together! I facilitate discussions, organize events, and ensure everyone feels welcomed and supported. I am mostly behind the scenes, supporting DSxHE’s themes and working groups to achieve their goals, coordinating The Dish newsletter, posting on social media, updating DSxHE documentation, and anything else to make sure our community thrives!

Why did you join the DSxHE community?

I'm passionate about leveraging data science for social good, and the mission of promoting health equity resonates deeply with me. The opportunity to promote diversity, and inclusion, and be a voice in the area of health inequities coming from minoritized ethnic backgrounds. The community offers the platform to learn from diverse perspectives, build valuable relationships, share opportunities, and stay updated on trends.

What should people reach out to you for help on/with?

I will be your go-to person whether you have any questions, need assistance navigating the community, have ideas for collaboration or feedback, or simply want to chat about data science or health equity, my virtual door is always open. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

When not at work you can be found...

Visiting historical landmarks, immersing myself in local culture and traditions, or exploring nature trails. I love to embark on adventures to ignite my curiosity and deepen my understanding of the world around me. I am constantly on the lookout for enriching experiences to learn, grow, and create unforgettable memories.

What’s your interest in data science and/or health equity?

My interest stems from the potential of data science to drive positive change in healthcare and promote equity, especially among the most marginalised members of society. Women and people from minority ethnic communities have been underrepresented historically and presently. By harnessing the power of data, we can uncover insights, identify disparities, and inform evidence-based solutions to improve health outcomes for all. That's why I'm dedicated to advocating for the needs of ethnic minorities and women, ensuring their voices are heard and their experiences are valued.

What’s a recent article/book/video/blog/event you’ve come across on data science and/or health equity that you found interesting and why?

I came across an enlightening talk titled “Achieving Health Equity: Tools for a National Campaign Against Racism” by Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones. She explores the intersection of racism and health equity, highlighting the structural barriers that perpetuate disparities in healthcare outcomes among marginalized communities. What makes this video particularly compelling is Dr. Jones's articulation on the three dimensions of health intervention which includes providing health services, addressing the social determinants of health (including poverty), and addressing the social determinants of equity (including racism). She presents practical tools and strategies for dismantling systemic racism in healthcare, advocating for policy changes, community organizing, and advancing health equity initiatives.

What dish do you cook best?

I love cooking and am quite adept at making Jollof rice! It's a vibrant and flavorful African dish that combines rice with a delicious blend of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices. The aromatic flavors and rich colours of Jollof Rice make it a beloved dish, perfect for bringing people together and celebrating shared culture and heritage.

What quote resonates with you?

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." — Helen Keller. This quote put in a nutshell the power of community and collaboration—a reminder that by coming together, we can achieve incredible things.


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