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🎥 Challenges to statistical approaches for fairness in genomics 🎥

In January, we hosted a series of expert panels to explore the main challenges to statistical approaches for improving fairness in genomics and genomic medicine.

The aim of the workshop was to identify the main barriers to

  1. Understanding the cascading effects of inequities in genomic data and in the design and development of statistical models

  2. Detecting / quantifying unfair biases and the effects on inequities in genomic medicine

  3. Improving the equity of statistical approaches and mitigating unfair biases

  4. 4. Understanding the limitations of statistical approaches to mitigating unfair biases and addressing inequities.

Missed it or just want to rewatch? You can catch the recording here:

0:00 Introduction

9:30 Disease mechanisms panel

1:14:54 Disease diagnostics panel

1:46:09 Risk prediction panel


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