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Call For Themes

2023 has been a big year for DSxHE.

A period of reflection, consideration, and forward-planning, following the recent launch of our 2024-2027 strategy - we’re heading into the new year with a firm plan of action.

As part of this plan, we need your help.

While the DSxHE community's activities cover a huge range of topics across data science and health equity, we also have a few focus areas into which we dive more deeply - our themes.

Anyone can apply to set up, lead, partner on, or join a theme. Themes (and their associated activities) are led by passionate members of the DSxHE community, who are usually highly active in their area (often through their day job!), but are keen to connect with the broader DSxHE community to augment their work and the work of others, and harness the power and ideas of a broader mix of individuals.

As we head into 2024, we are looking for passionate people to lead Themes.

If you'd like to shine a light on a specific area of interest in data science and health equity, and want to tap into the DSxHE community to augment your work and the work of others, then setting up a DSxHE Theme might be just the thing for you.

We want Theme leads to have fun and explore topics that they care about - in a way that doesn’t add too much extra “work” load to people’s busy lives.

To propose a theme, all you need to provide is:

  • A Theme title

  • A description of the Theme

  • 2-3 suggested activities for the first year of the theme

Please send all proposals to DSxHE's Communtiy Manager, Maddy:

We would especially like to encourage >2 Theme leads to apply together, though please do not feel discouraged from applying as an individual. We have a great community that we can call upon to help build up your Theme team!

Though open to all areas of data science and health equity, we are especially keen to hear from people interested in leading a Genomics or Infectious Diseases Theme.

There are no specific 'rules' for how Themes look, but if you'd like a few ideas about what a Theme could look like, we've put together a few blueprints here.

You can read our full Terms of Reference for Theme leads (as well as DSxHE’s offer for Themes) here, but below is an outline of what is expected of Themes. Once your Theme application has been approved, you will be supported by members of DSxHE’s organising team to deliver these:

  • Plan a year of activities, with at least one activity a quarter

  • Attend monthly 30min meeting with the DSxHE core organising team

  • Uphold DSxHE’s aims and core values

  • Subscribe to and promote DSxHE’s code of conduct

Below is a summary of what support DSxHE can offer to Theme leads:

  • Logistical support in setting up activities (e.g. event registrations, zoom meetings)

  • Promotion of Theme activities and outputs through our social media channels and newsletter

  • Support recruiting Theme organisers and identifying Theme advisors

  • Kick off event - DSxHE to help with structure

  • Twitter / Slack / Newsletter Call-outs

  • Administrative / operational infrastucture

In January, we will be hosting drop-in sessions for potential new Theme leads. These will be a chance for those interested in leading their own Theme to chat with DSxHE’s Community Manager, members of the organising team, and existing Theme leads who can discuss what DSxHE can offer for Themes.

Drop in sessions will take place on the below dates, please join by clicking the Zoom links.

Thursday 25th January at 1pm - Zoom

Tuesday 30th January at 6pm - Zoom

We are aiming for a fresh cohort of DSxHE themes to be in delivery by the end of February 2024, ready to be showcased during the AI UK Fringe in March.


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