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Become a DSxHE Organiser!

Throughout 2023, DSxHE has been going through a process (referred to as the 'DSxHE Fun Run' behind the scenes). Essentially, this involves a few things.

We've been reaching out to our community to check in. Through surveys and co-creation workshops, we're ironing out the creases and filling in the gaps to make sure that DSxHE is the best it can possibly be. The end result will be a 3-year plan to ensure maximum impact and maximum enthusiasm within our community, with a better understanding of how to make that community thrive. Below is a timeline with a rough idea of how things have been (and will be) progressing...

March 20th - 31st - Survey sent out to the DSxHE community

March 20th - Social media campaign to re-introduce DSxHE

April 18th - First community co-creation workshop

April 20th - Second community co-creation workshop

May/June 2023 - Consolidation period

July 2023 - Operational considerations made (goals, targets, etc.)

August/September 2023 - Peer review process, inviting friends of DSxHE to review our drafted strategy

October 2023 - Townhall presentation of the strategy and Q+A

Basically, it's all hands on deck here, and truth be told - we'd be grateful for a few more hands!

If you've been waiting for an opportunity to jump feet first into the DSxHE community, here's your chance. We're looking for people to join our organising team to help us guide our community, whether that be in partnerships, community engagement, or measuring strategy and impact.

As a DSxHE organiser, your role will be to help co-organise aspects of this process and assist in whatever ways you can to continue our exciting journey throughout 2023.

In becoming a DSxHE organiser you commit to:

  • Contribute on average 2-3 hours a week

  • Attend a bi-weekly organisers' meeting (currently held every other Tuesday)

  • Be active on the DSxHE Slack (our mode of communication)

  • Keep your notes and documentation organised, up-to-date and clear on Notion (where we organise our work) so we can work as asynchronously as possible

We hope all organisers have a lot of fun, get to work with a global group of quite frankly spectacular people, learn lots about data science/health equity and community management, and truly feel a sense of ownership, autonomy and space for creativity, to lead DSxHE onto great things.

If you're interested in getting involved, please email for more details!

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