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Building a world where data improves everyone's health

We're a cross-sector community of academics, health and care professionals, policy-makers and enthusiasts advancing health equity through data science. 

Create community

We want to facilitate better connections between the health equity and data science worlds, through events, sharing opportunities and providing a space to learn and network.

Raise awareness

We want to raise awareness about how data science, as a tool, can be used to better health equity, as well as elevating how data science might cause harm, and how to mitigate against it.

Improve individual practices

We want to support channels for real-world impact for individuals, through translation of research, support in methodological developments for real-world applications, and implementation of effective tools in practice.

Influence institutional action

We want to seize opportunities for top-down influence, through advocacy, policy change and influence of standards and definition of best practice for institutions, organisations and policymakers.

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