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Building a world where data improves everyone's health

We're a cross-sector community of academics, health and care professionals, policy-makers and enthusiasts advancing health equity through data science. 

Our Events
Convening the community

We host regular workshops, webinars, informal discussions, collaboration working sessions and show & tells for the community to come together, learn, share and collaborate.

Our resources - Crowdsourcing from the community

We assimilate and curate the latest in data science and health equity on a monthly basis for the community to benefit from (and contribute to!)

Our community 
Sharing on Slack

We have a Slack workspace which is open to all (primarily English-speaking) where members of DSxHE share the latest research, calls, opportunities and ideas


Keen to be updated on our developments?

We don't plan on sending too many emails, but if you're keen to be informed and see how we're progressing, we'll let you know of any major milestones.

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